Since many years my biggest passion is to take pictures in the areas of fashion and beauty.  I am always surprised of the female beauty in its many facets.   It is so exciting to meet new people with different backgrounds, attitudes, contexts, and looks.  Therefore it is not a coincidence that my models often have different cultural backgrounds.   During the photo shoots it is always a wonderful challenge to experience surprising and fascinating moments through face to face communication and unpredictable circumstances that one cannot foresee.   My work emphasizes to show the beauty and uniqueness without any knick knack and to meet artistic expectations.  My pictures show the models without any alienation, cheap showmanship, or exaggerated make up.  I like to work with open aperture which means low depth of focus and with a reduction of colors.

Because I have big passion for cars, especially classic cars, I emphasize these cars in my pictures, preferably in connection with female models. In 2013 I discovered street photography as another area for myself.  I am fascinated by the energy of the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas which is the focus of my newer projects, preferably in connection with the „angels“ who live there.

Rudi Arens, Cologne-Germany / Los Angeles-United States